CSQ Holdings, LLC is a Delaware-based corporation focused on creating software platforms for the cryptocurrency retail market. Rooted in data analytics, consumer metrics, fundamental and sentiment analysis, business intelligence, business analysis, and process automation, CSQ Holdings has created and launched SynQ UP, SynQ TEAM, and TraQ.

The team at CSQ Holdings creates software for both web and mobile devices, processes data analysis through process automation, and is currently working toward linear polynomial algorithms for processing language and consumer sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets.



Enrique Gutierrez

Nicholas Mancini

David Hoverman

Lee Weinstein

CSQ Holdings recently ended our Friend & Family round and is in the process of registering a Seed round (reg CF).

To inquire about investing in CSQ Holdings, please contact us for our deck, product demo, business plan, and/or financials.

  • December 2018


    CSQ Holdings was officially founded at the end of December 2018

  • January 2019

    SynQ UP Stable Beta

    SynQ community platform officially launched into stable BETA release to start 2019 for web, iPhone and Android

    January 2019

  • February 2019

    SynQ TEAM Stable

    SynQ TEAM is a streamlined, Kanban-methodology, project management application. Stable BETA released Q1 2019 for web, iPhone and Android

  • May 2019

    SynQ MVP

    The most ambitious predictive analytics application for cryptocurrency, SynQ, has entered early MVP stages.

    May 2019

  • Q3 2019

    SynQ Private Beta

    Limited release access to SynQ Beta will begin mid-Q3 of 2019 for select users