CSQ Holdings, LLC and Craft & Logic, Inc (CxL) have partnered through the CEO of CSQ Holdings, Enrique Gutierrez, to create the software items, SynQ, SynQ TEAM, SynQ NET, SynQ EDU, and CryptoTraQ for web, iPhone, and Android devices. The CSQ Holdings development team is comprised of mid-to-senior level software engineers with a focus on web and mobile technologies.

CSQ and CxL leverage the team through a hybrid onshore-offshore model, created and developed by Enrique since 2013, that maintains business operations, business planning, product design, interface and experience optimization, as well as nuance features in the United States headquarters; while the coding, architecture, and more skills-based operations are managed in a monitored/autonomous business, owned by Enrique Gutierrez and Filipino resident/business partner, Andrew Sienes.

Through the search for investment capital of CSQ Holdings, LLC operations, we’ve talked with many of you that would benefit greatly from the well-oiled machine that’s created our software suite, and have asked our CEO if he would be willing to open the doors for select contacts to have their own CxL development team for their projects.

What would you need?

It is highly recommended that business operations, business planning, product design and optimizations reside “in-house”. This would include Interface Design, User Experience Design, Analytics, Server Administration, and Security/Maintenance.

Also, the development teams are AGILE development teams, working in single or double Sprints (one/two week intervals), meaning every week or every other week they pull tasks into a “To Do”, and swarm on the tasks until they are tested, confirmed, completed, and deployed into either Staging or Production branches (git or bitbucket).

What would the CSQ Team offer?

  • Web application development (full-stack)
    • PHP
    • Lavavel 5.x
    • MySQL
    • VueJS
    • NodeJS
    • Ajax
    • jQuery
    • SCSS/CSS
    • HTML5
  • Mobile application development
    • Native iOS (Swift)
    • Native Android (Eclipse/Java)
  • Quality Control/Testing
    • Bug testing
    • Support requests
  • Deployment/Management
    • Local development
    • Staging deployment, testing
    • Production deployment

What’s a standard CSQ Team comprised of?

Each Team includes a team lead, senior-level developer, two mid-tier developers with no less than 2 years professional experience in the required field, and a quality control member for testing and code review.

What can I expect?

CSQ Team includes a membership to SynQ TEAM, our purpose-built AGILE development software dashboard, rooted in the Kanban production methodology. Every Sunday (North America), the team performs a weekly Scrum meeting, defining tasks. dividing workload, and getting started. The goal for each Sprint (either single or double) is to develop and deliver increments of deployable business value (completed application sections).

  • 100-120 hours of developer output per week
  • 35-40 hours of quality control/testing/review per week
  • Weekly oversight from onshore operations management at CSQ
  • Weekly output reports via email directly from CSQ Team Lead

What does this cost?

  • One-time setup fee: $4,500*
    • Average hourly rate: $11.72
  • Monthly: $7,500
  • Minimum contract length: 6 months

*Setup fee applied toward first-month operating costs.

What’s included?

  • Federal income taxes and allowances
  • Group healthcare
  • Cellphone allowance
  • Corporate office access, desk, seating
  • Workstation (Windows 10 PC or Ubuntu workstations)*
  • Daily lunch (delivery)
  • Quarterly team-building retreats
  • CxL continued education program

Contact us for more information.