CSQ Holdings, LCC started life in 2017 as a collective of business analysts, traders, and crypto enthusiasts. Our community is known for its quality discussion of fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis of crypto markets. Through our business intelligence and market reports, we’ve earned a reputation for incisive analysis that often runs counter to prevailing industry narratives — whether the big names in the space like it or not. Our ‘call it like we see it’ approach has attracted some of the best analysts in the crypto market. But as our community grows, we’ve become frustrated with the communication platforms at our disposal.

That’s why we’ve built our own.

With SynQ, we broaden our focus to include the development and delivery of crypto applications to communities and businesses. Whether it’s through a discussion group or the SynQ communication platform, CSQ is committed to supporting the health and longevity of the greater crypto community.

Enrique Gutierrez, Founder (CEO)

Enrique Gutierrez is a technology expert with 20+ years of experience in online and offline technology solutions that include network infrastructure, security, software development, web and mobile application development and software optimization, business process analysis, consumer trend analysis, business intelligence, revenue strategy, and internal process automation.

His professional experience includes the pharmaceutical industry, the Department of Defense, private-sector land development, internet start-ups, content marketing, the insurance industry, product manufacturing optimization, and blockchain technology business consulting.

Since 2007, Enrique has owned and operated a consulting and development agency that has worked with companies in numerous industries, including finance, technology, communications, travel, advertising, insurance, public radio, and consumer electronics.

David Hoverman, Co-founder (CMO)

As Chief Marketing Officer for CryptoSyndicate, David is responsible for building the SynQ global brand and customer experience. Most recently, he served as Director of Operations for Mandala Exchange, helping them achieve their hard cap raise of $13.3 million. Prior to joining CryptoSyndicate, David was executive director of a crypto advisory team that specialized in crowdsales, digital marketing, and capital raises. He has also taken the roles of lead business developer and director of brand management for multiple startups in the crypto space.

David brings traditional business knowledge of retail and supply chain management to crypto project infrastructure and market strategy. With years of experience in developing, restructuring, and selling companies, he guides CryptoSyndicate as it expands market share and positions itself as the leading provider of crypto-centered applications.

Lee Weinstein, CFO

As CFO for CSQ Holdings, Lee works directly with the CEO and COO to implement strategic and tactical plans related to the company’s future direction, business plans, capital requests and budgeting processes. Lee is also instrumental in the development of financial and tax strategies. Prior to joining CSQ, Lee was involved in the Finance, Accounting and Business Management industry for more than 10 years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside in 2002 and his Master’s Degree in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California in 2007. Lee’s out-of-the-box thinking and financial knowledge has helped businesses grow with fiscal discipline through budgeting, efficiency, and tax and financial planning.